Relaxed Farm Wedding Venue in the Ribble Valley

If you fancy getting married in an informal, unique wedding venue, then Bashall Barn could be the one for you! There's always a really nice, relaxed atmosphere here. The (recently extended) terrace, is perfect for taking in the stunning views over the Ribble Valley, as well as playing a few outdoor games!

Bashall Barn is an exclusive use wedding venue and last orders aren't until 12:30 - I really like here! Oh, the food is really good and there's an ice cream bar too 😉

Natural Documentary Wedding Photography

I'm passionate about capturing the atmosphere of your day and creating images that reflect that. This means that I rarely use flash anywhere other than the dance-floor. As soon as that flash goes off everyone knows you're taking a photo. And once you add an additional light source, it changes the mood and atmosphere of the photo.

Therefore if you get married in a dramatic industrial venue like Victoria Warehouse, then your images should reflect that. Likewise, if you choose somewhere like Bashall Barn, with their floor-to-ceiling glass doors, flooding the rooms with natural light then that's how your photos should look. Working with available, ambient light is really important for my wedding photography.

Kelly & Noel's Lancashire Wedding

It was an absolute pleasure to be part of Kelly & Noel's wedding. They involved their friends, family, and crammed a lot of their personalities into their day. There were so many little touches that all added up to create a down-to-earth, incredibly personal and welcoming atmosphere.

We'd spoken briefly on the phone before they decided I was the one for them, but as I'm based in North Wales, we didn't get to meet until a little while later. We arranged a day for me to come up and meet them at the venue for a chat and a bit of a walkthrough of their plans. I remember leaving Bashall Barn that day and knowing they were going to be a great laugh!

Getting Ready at Sparth House Hotel, Clayton-le-Moors

I got such a warm welcome when I arrived in the morning. Kelly and her bridesmaids were all doing their own make-up, and Kelly had organised a close friend to do their hair. So everyone already knew each other well - the atmosphere in the room was electric! Everyone was so excited!

That doesn't mean that there weren't tears though... Because there were plenty! I'm sure Kelly's Mum was crying before she even got into the room. And well after that, it was a bit of a chain reaction! Fortunately, they got it out of their system before they had finished their make-up.

Great Harwood, Church Wedding Ceremony

Kelly & Noel got married at Our Lady and Saint Hubert's Catholic Church - which is one beautiful church. I arrived and met Noel, who was within the normal levels of anxiousness and excitement. The sun was shining and it was set to be a beautiful day.

They had a lovely ceremony and afterwards, they left in a shower of bubbles to avoid the church's confetti clean up fee 😉

Bashall Barn Wedding Reception

Once all the guests were inside Bashall Barn, we snuck off through the car park to get a couple of photos just Kelly, Noel and Pendle Hill.
It was then time for the celebrations to begin! Sunshine, welcome drinks, canapés and mini skittles on the terrace, while one of their friends played the piano. It was perfect. Once the congratulations had died down a bit, we nipped around the corner for a few photos in the cowshed.

When it was time for the wedding breakfast, one guest per table discovered a personalised apron and a message waiting for them. They were responsible for playing host and dishing out the main course - a great big pie!

After the speeches, everyone moved through to the front bar for ice cream and disco dancing!

Munch Rock Bashall Barn Wedding Party!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I'm a big fan of live music. In my opinion, you can't beat a band for getting the energy levels up in an evening. And Munch sure kicked out the jams! They provided the perfect soundtrack for an evening of shots, cigar smoking, motorboating, and epic drunken dance moves. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun!

Bashall Barn Silent Wedding Movie

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Watch the whole thing in Fast Forward?

My Silent Movies are a fast paced, high octane ride through of one of the most important days of your life… Yeah, they're a bit rough around the edges, (hence the Raw, dirty & uncut tag line) but that's all part of their charm.

Follow this link for more info on my Silent Movies & Photofilms

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Venue & Catering: Bashall Barn | Make-Up: DIY | Hair: Family Friend | Flowers: DIY | Dress: Wed2B | Shoes: Betsey Johnson 'Blue' | Suits: Moss Bros |Videography: Pete Johnson Films | Band: Munch

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Victoria Warehouse Wedding Venue

Victoria Warehouse is a converted cotton mill on Trafford Wharf, Manchester. It's an industrial, alternative, cool and very unique wedding venue. It has hardly any windows, has high ceilings and is a pretty dramatic space.

Victoria Warehouse is one of those venues that could give natural light photographers, like me, an anxiety attack. But I love it. It's so different from most of the other venues that it's a real joy to photograph weddings here.

Prosecco Popping Bridal Prep

Normally I meet everyone before rocking up to photograph them in their pyjamas. But Jade & Karla live in Amsterdam. So that made things a little tricky. A wedding is a really personal day so I couldn't help being a little nervous having not met them before. Turns out Jade & Karla have a way about them. Within minutes of meeting them, I felt like we'd been mates for years! And still do...

Jade was just about to start getting ready when her sister arrived in floods of tears - she was just so happy! Once calmed down, Grace Marriott got to work on hair and make-up. The rest of the morning went exactly to plan and was pretty chilled.

I think Jade started to feel the nerves the closer we got to the ceremony, but nothing too bad. Plus, she was surrounded by loved ones. Jade, Karla, Sam & Adam were obviously really close, and that showed the whole day through.

Candle Light Wedding Ceremony

Sam & Adam made their entrance first, followed by Jade, Karla and Karla's Dad. The ceremony room at Victoria Warehouse is massive, but with the subdued lighting feels incredibly intimate.

This was quite possibly one of my favourite ceremonies last year. I felt it when I was there, and I still feel it when I look back at these photos. Jade & Karla are really, really into each other. I don't know how else to say it. It's clear to me that they're head over heels in love – just look at the way they look at each other!

Surprise Guests - The Vegan Queens!

Jade & Karla had organised The Vegan Queens as a surprise to entertain their guests between courses of their Wedding Breakfast. And they were definitely a surprise! They put on an awesome show, people were up dancing and everyone singing along! At the end, they read a poem that they had performed when Jade & Karla first saw them at Manchester Pride, and then presented them with a framed version.

'Till Death Do Us Party

After some pretty awesome speeches and a bit of fun at the selfie booth - it was time to party! Something that this lot know how to do really well! The Ascent, (who have now unfortunately disbanded) played two awesome sets of good old Northern indie rock!

Natural, Unposed Wedding Photography

Despite the low-light levels of Victoria Warehouse, I managed to photograph Jade & Karla's wedding ceremony & reception without flash. I could have used flash, it would have made my life a lot easier. But I feel, by adding flash I would have completely changed the atmosphere of the day. Their wedding was intimate and informal. I didn't want to distract from that by popping a flash off every couple of seconds. A big part of my approach to wedding photography is that I go unnoticed. There's no second chance of getting that perfect natural frame once a flash has gone off.

Jade & Karla weren't too fussed on having posed group photos, so we didn't do any.

However, possibly for the first time in the history of weddings, a Bride said "I really hope it rains today" – Jade really wanted to use their rainbow umbrella! So, when it did rain, I grabbed them and we dashed out into the drizzle for a few photos under a rainbow umbrella. At no point did I say do this or look that way, so as always, all these photographs are 100% unposed.

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Victoria Warehouse Silent Wedding Movie

Raw, Dirty & Uncut. My Silent Wedding Movies are a fast paced, high action run-through of one of the most important days of your life. They're made up from the thousands of photographs I take during a wedding and are a great way to relive your wedding – or Jade & Karla's...

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Venue: Victoria Warehouse | Hair & Make-up: Grace Marriott | Band: The Ascent | D.J.: Nick Campbell | Entertainment: The Vegan Queens | Photo Booth: Prints Charming | Caterers: Grape & Grain

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Bride & Groom leaving tipi, arm in arm with guests waving sparklers

Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

Lucy & Chris got married in Lucy's home town of Terrington, a cute village about 25 minutes outside of York. I remember arriving the day before and thinking, "wow this place is nice!". Of course, it helped that the sun was shining, but I can't help but think this place would look great even on the dreariest of days.

I parked outside the church, and after a quick look around, wandered down to Terrington School, where they were having their tipi reception. You can see for miles across the valley from the school field, and on a hot summers day, it was truly stunning.

Lucy was getting ready in her family home, just a stones throw from the church. I'm a big fan of keeping things local on a wedding day. Being able to walk from place to place means no traffic or parking stress, so this was ideal for me. But selfish agendas aside, it fits the feel of their wedding perfectly. Walking, villages, fields, tipis and long summer days all go hand in hand...

Relaxed Bridal Prep At Home

I arrived in the morning to a warm welcome and quickly settled in. Despite Lucy having the most detailed plan of the day, she was calm and relaxed, in fact, everyone was. Lucy and her bridesmaids were doing their own makeup while Katie from Reflections Hair Design was in charge of hair. The morning went smoothly and I even got chance to catch up with Chris and his Bestmen while they finished off decorating the tipi. Perhaps the key to a relaxed wedding day is planning after all 😉

Village Church Wedding Ceremony

So, after a few group shots, we headed to the church – just two minutes walk down the road. Friends from the village gathered outside the church to offer some last minute best wishes.

Chris' Bestmen were waiting at the church doors for the bridal party. The bestman walked down the aisle arm in arm with the bridesmaids. I'm assuming this is the case, but by walking down together it gave the impression that Lucy & Chris were surrounded by one big group of friends – and I really liked that.

One of the many things I like about photographing weddings all over the country (rather than just North Wales), is the different traditions that different regions have. In Yorkshire it's common for the village youths to tie the church gates closed, the groom then has to chuck them a couple of quid, for the gates to be untied. So, that's always a bit of fun!

Papa Kata Tipi Wedding Reception

Once out of the gates and the congratulations had calmed down, we headed down the lane, through a confetti tunnel, to the tipi and those stunning views!

The afternoon was absolutely perfect, canapés and Pimms in the sunshine, with lawn games and a "selfie flower wall". Incidentally, I still have dreams about Bears Pantry's scotch eggs! Crispy outside, warm runny yolk, and tangy brown sauce... Heaven.

The speeches are almost always my favourite part of a wedding. I know that might be a little controversial for a photographer to say, but it's true. I get to learn so much more about a couple, and I love that. Wedding Photography is a personal business! Plus there are so many reactions and emotions to capture in a short space of time.

All the speeches were brilliant. The perfect balance between banter and sincerity. But one speech stole the show for me... If I ran a "speech of the year" award it would be going to Chris. And that's saying something because his best men absolutely killed it. It's very rare for a Groom to make a speech that can take on a Bestman's speech, but Chris did it. Although, as he went after his Bestmen, he may have had a slight advantage. I'm also not counting the live performance of a song that the Bestmen wrote especially for Chris, as that was a surprise just before their first dance. So, perhaps it should be a draw.

I particularly like Tipi Weddings because they naturally create a relaxed, fun and down-to-earth vibe. They're also perfect for a good party! And boy did these guys know how to party! Their evening was filled with shots, dance-offs, drunken limbo competitions, crazy dance moves and topped off with a sparkler exit!

Natural, Unposed, Wedding Photography

My style of documentary photography is all about telling a story. It's a mix of being in amongst the action (without getting in the way) and observing from the sidelines.

All the images you see here, and on my website for that matter, are 100% unposed. Other than the family group shots, the only direction I had on Lucy & Chris’ wedding was asking if they wanted a few photos, just the two of them. They did. So I suggested they take a wander around the field – but that was it.

No awkward posing or forced smiles. I’m not invisible, so I know they knew they were being photographed, but I hope that they were comfortable enough around me that it didn’t matter.

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Silent Wedding Movie

Raw, Dirty & Uncut. My Silent Wedding Movies are a fast paced, high action run-through of one of the most important days of your life. They're made up from the thousands of photographs I take during a wedding and are a great way to relive your wedding – or Lucy & Chris'...

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Tipi Hire: Papa Kata | Hair Stylist: Reflections Hair Design | Florist: The Topiary Tree | DJ: The Hi-Life | Caterers: Bears Pantry

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