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An Alternative Wedding Planning Guide

Bride doing a wheelie in a motorbike with side car - great alternative wedding day transport

Make your wedding all about you

This guide offers helpful advice and gives inspiration on how to plan a wedding that’s unique, alternative, unconventional and all about you. It doesn’t matter if you’re newly engaged, or have been planning for months – there will be something in here for you!

I’ll explain options and encourage you to think outside the box at every opportunity – I won’t tell you what to do! Instead, I’ll give you ideas that will spark your imagination.

The best weddings are all about the couple. They have personal touches, backstories, and other clues during the day that reveal more about them as people and as a couple. I don’t know you, so I can’t tell you what to do. But I can help you, by giving you the ideas and information you need to plan a wedding that’s unique to you.

Bride & Groom having a sing-a-long as an alternative to hymns

What do I know?

I’m a documentary wedding photographer, that means I tell the story of your day through the images I create. I got married in 2011 and have been a full-time professional wedding photographer since 2014. So I’ve been to a few weddings now! 

This guide is written from my perspective as a wedding photographer and will help you to plan a unique wedding that’s all about you as a couple.

By skipping old, out-dated traditions and replacing them with something much more “you” and up-to-date, you’ll create a wedding that breaks from the norm and will reflect you and your personalities.

For instance, the photo above shows the Bride & Groom, with one of their best friends (who also conducted their ceremony), having a sing-a-long to “Love Is All You Need” by The Beatles, instead of traditional hymns or a reading. It was a ridiculously enjoyable moment ?

So, if you’re planning an alternative wedding, or just want to break from tradition a little bit, keep reading!

I explain the different types of ceremonies and how you can get married anywhere you like. There are real-life stories from actual couples, tips from some of my favourite suppliers. Advice on how to choose your wedding photographer as well as explaining the different packages available. A full wedding day timeline as well as expert advice on choosing a band or DJ.

So let’s get started…

Chris Morse’s Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Wedding