It’s not what someone does, it’s why they do it...

Groom smiling as bride walks down the aisle

A wise man once said, "it’s not what someone does, it’s why they do it that really matters - and that’s what you should judge them on".

So, why am I a documentary wedding photographer?

I do what I do because I believe it matters. I think preserving memories is important. It's important to be able to relive those memories with your nearest and dearest as well as share them with future generations.

My goal is to capture your wedding in a way that connects with you (and your friends & family) on a deeply personal and emotional level. When you see your photos, I want you to feel just the way you did at the time that I created it.

Who Am I anyway?

my fridge door

Hi, I'm Chris Morse, but you can call me Chris for short. I live in Rhos On Sea, North Wales. I have a wife, a kid and some tropical fish. Oh, and I go to weddings, professionally.

What else do you want to know? It took me two years of being a wedding photographer to learn to like sticky toffee pudding. And I still don’t like fruit cake. I cut my sandwiches into triangles because they taste better. My favourite weather is sunny & windy. Pineapple does not belong on pizza and there’s very little that can’t be improved with the addition of cheese.

My Spotify is pretty varied. I really dislike reality TV & soaps. However, I really like stuff like: This Is Us 😭, Fargo, Homeland, Black Mirror & Stranger Things.

So, chances are if you agree with any of that, we’ll get on just fine. And if you don’t, well I’m still a nice guy so don’t rule me out just because you have terrible taste 😉

Doing The Right Thing

Bride giving guests the thumbs up

Perhaps it's since my daughter was born, or maybe it's being part of such an emotional day for a living, but I'm definitely getting softer in my old age (approx. 35). I've found myself becoming a lot more conscious about the decisions I make in everyday life. I've run a NHS Discount offer since I started wedding photography, but I've decided that I'd like to do a little more. So I now donate 2% of each wedding to charity. 1% is going to Dorothy House, a hospice near my hometown that provided exceptional care for my Grandma recently. The other 1% is up to you. There's a space on the booking form for you to name the charity you'd like me to donate to.

I don't produce printed marketing materials, all booking forms & contracts are completed online, the album company I use have outstanding 'green' credentials and only use paper from sustainable sources. Basically, I've always been a nice guy but I'm trying a little harder now.

#MorseOnDuty / #MorseOffDuty

I don’t do Twitter - I don’t get it. But I do do Facebook, so feel free to have a snoop around on my Facebook Page. Also, if you're an Instagram user and like weddings, food, drink, and a random kid you don't know doing stuff, you should follow me and see what I get up to on & off duty.