Silent Wedding Movies

I create these silent, black & white, stop-motion, wedding movies (or "photofilms") from the thousands of photographs taken during a wedding. My photography is all about telling the story of your wedding and these photofilms are an extension of that idea.

They're a bit rough around the edges, hence the Raw Dirty & Uncut tag line. To edit each image individually (like I do with my photographs) would take months, so I have to batch process all images exactly the same.

My photography comes first, my aim will always be to tell your story through individual images. I'm always trying to improve on the last photo, improve the composition and capture the decisive moment that tells the story in one frame. That results in quite a few, "not quite right" shots. Plus, there will be over exposed shots; there will be blurry shots; there will be photos of my feet. Yeah that's right... I make mistakes, I am only human after all.

Silent Wedding Movie - Trailer

I appreciate to watch a 15 minute movie of a stranger's wedding is probably a bit full on, and maybe a bit too stalkerish. So, I've made this handy little trailer. It's under 2 minutes long and should give you a good idea of what you can expect...

Silent Wedding Movie - Full Movie

If however, you've got time to kill, here's another example. This is the full movie from Sian & Will's, Plas Dinam wedding, in all it's raw, dirty and uncut glory. Grab a cuppa, some Chocolate Hobnobs and get comfy because it's 15 minutes long... If you'd like to see what the photos look like, check out this Featured Wedding Gallery.

If you're a proper stalker, feel free to head over to my YouTube channel, where there's a few more full length Silent Wedding Movies for you to peruse.