2018 Highlights

Here are some of my favourite wedding photos from 2018 set to a catchy little number that Dylan Penri wrote & performed for me 😉

Natural, Unposed Wedding Photos

Bride doing her makeup by the window
Bride laughing on wedding morning
Bridesmaid doing her makeup in front of the toilet
Nextdoor neighbour washing car while bride has her makeup done
Bride smiling while having lipstick applied
Groom and best men dancing
Mother of the bride crying
Bridesmaid explaining how she wants her hair
Bride making gesture about her boobs
Bride looking down
Flower girl pouting in mirror
Grooms-men helping each other tie their ties
Bride smiling with messy hair
Bride smiling as she walks down the aisle with her dad
Bridesmaid and dad smiling at seeing bride for the first time
Bride looks nervous before wedding, veil over her face
Bride smiling at groom in church
Bride smiling and hugging wedding guest
Grooms pulling faces at each other
Bride laughing as her wedding dress is being done up
Grooms reactiont to seeing bride walking down the aisle
Bride looking nervous putting necklace on
Mother of the bride trying not to cry
Bridesmaids reaction to seeing bride for the first time
Father of the bride smiling at bride
Groom laughing while having button hole put on
Bridesmaids smiling in wedding car
Bride having her dress buttoned up
Bride pulling funny face during ceremony
Bride wiping tears away during wedding ceremony
Bride looking nervous before wedding
Bride pulling funny face as wedding dress is done up
Bride & groom smiling during ceremony
Father of the bride giving bride a big hug before wedding
Bride getting help from bridesmaids to put doc martins on
Brides reaction first look
Bridesmaids reaction to seeing bride for the first time
Bride looking nervous in her wedding dress
Bride & groom having confetti thrown at them outside Hafod Farm
Bridesmaids crying during ceremony
Bride & groom leaving in vintage car
Bride and groom at Inglewood manor confetti being thrown
Bride outside with wedding guest after wedding at St Luke’s Glasgow
Bride and groom having a quiet moment
Groom smiling as bride walks down the aisle
Usher with ice cream cone in mouth
Bride waving as she walks the streets of Glasgow
Granddad giving bride a hug
Bride celebrating walking down the aisle with groom
Best friend giving bride a hug after the ceremony
Bride holding hands with grandma
Groom laughing at father of the bride speech
Bridesmaids reflection in wedding guest sunglasses
Bride laughing with guests under umbrella
wedding guest crying at speech
Bride playing football in wedding dress
Bridesmaids playing lawn games at wedding
Groom holding back tears during speech
Wedding guest laughing
Guests falling off swing
Everyone laughing at bride’s speech
Bride & groom smiling during first dance
Bride tossing bouquet
Bride & groom first dance
Bride & Groom dancing surrounded by wedding guest
Wedding guest licking another guests arm
wedding guest dancing with hair in her face
Bride doing shots with wedding guest
Wedding guest bundles
Groom drinking from the bottle
wedding guest dancing
Wedding guests doing flaming shots
wedding guest crowd surfing
wedding guest stripping off
Wedding guest being picked up and spun around
Bride dancing
Anthemic playing at Pas Dinam
wedding guest being picked up
Wedding guests happy dancing with hair flicks
Wedding guest accidentally grabbing a boob
wedding guest dancing with a mop
Wedding guests dancing drunk
Wedding guest drunk dancing
wedding guest drunk and sat on the floor
Everyone crowded around the bride and groom on the dance-floor
Bride and groom and wedding guests sweaty from dancing so hard