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wedding guest checking phone at wedding

Excellent, you like what I do! So the first step is make sure I'm available for your date...

If you could fill in the form below that would be great.

If I'm unavailable, I'll break the news to you as gently as possible — but let's try and stay positive for now 😉

So, assuming I am available I'll get back to you (normally within a couple of hours) to let you know and arrange a time to have a chat. We can meet up for a drink, organise a time to FaceTime / Skype or simply talk on the phone — whatever works best for you. It's much easier to go over everything like that than it is by email, plus you'll both be able to ask questions as they pop into your head. I'll then email you a formal quote, outlining everything we've talked about and confirming the price.

wedding guest checking phone at wedding