Intimate Manchester Wedding Photography

Intimate weddings are definitely on the rise thanks to covid, but that isn’t a bad thing. I’ve always said that weddings are all about the people, that’s what what makes a wedding great for me. I’d take a wedding with 2 awesome people over a wedding with 100 boring people every time!

With fewer people it’s much easier to have a wedding that’s all about you, you can get more personality into your day, it’s more relaxed and of course… cheaper! But this isn’t about that. This is about two awesome people, 14 of their closest friends and family and a 1968 Triumph.

Chadderton Town Hall Wedding

The morning was dead chilled, Alice got ready with her Best Lady, Natalie. Then headed off to Chadderton Town Hall to greet their guests. Natalie then joined Shadia to help her finish getting ready. We then all jumped into the Triumph and travelled to Chadderton together – with honks, cheers and people shouting good luck all the way!

After a simple, but beautiful ceremony we headed back to Manchester for drinks in the sunshine!

Drinks in the Sunshine and Dinner at The Ivy

They celebrated at The Lawn Club, sipping champagne and cocktails in the sunshine was bliss. Random chats with Hen Parties and compliments from stangers aplenty! I snuck off with Alice & Shadia for a few portraits around Manchester, before going to a private dining room at The Ivy for dinner.

The rest of the night flowed naturally. A song came on, Alice & Shadia had the most low-key first dance of all time. So low-key in fact, I had to check if that was actually their first dance or not. Some point later, they cut the cake. There was one spur of the moment speech. It was a perfect day, relaxed, spontaneous and cool as fuck – just like them.

How it all began…

This is a wedding that I’ve been looking forward to photographing right from the moment that Shadia said YES! Alice planned out a romantic and rather elaborate proposal around Salford Quays. I secretly followed them as they made their way along the canal. Shadia collected roses and notes hidden by Alice earlier in the day, until eventually they reached the bridge… where Alice had spelled out “Will you marry me” in balloons and got down on one knee.

Congratulations & Thank You

I’d like to say a massive thank you to Alice & Shadia, you treated me like one of the family and I had the best time hanging out with you both 😍

Relaxed Manchester Wedding Photographer

If you like what you’ve seen here and are planning a wedding in 2022 or 2023 perhaps you should get in touch 😉 You can get my price list by filling out the form below, or follow this link for my Secret Proposal Photography

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