Wedding Photofilms

A new and unique way to remember your wedding. A mashup of documentary photography, stop-motion images, and recorded audio.

By combining my photography with audio captured throughout your wedding, I'm able to bring a whole new dimension to wedding photography. And a whole new meaning to the term "wedding slideshow"! These completely original photofilms allow me to show so much more of your personalities and tell the story of your wedding in a completely new way.

"We love every bit of it. For people like us who wanted to hear people’s voices during the important bits, but didn’t want a full videographer it’s perfect!"

- Clare & Carl

My ultimate goal with my photography, is to create images that you have a genuine emotional connection to. However, being able to use sound as well takes that connection to another level. In 10 years time being able to see the emotion in your partner's face on your wedding day, is a pretty powerful thing, but being able to hear it in their voice too is even better.

Why Photofilms?

The vast majority of weddings I photograph are for couples who either don't like being centre of attention or don't want a traditional "Wedding Photographer". They don't want to be "directed", they just want to enjoy their wedding.

Other than a small discrete mic (only worn during the ceremony & speeches) there are no other intrusions from me. I don't need tripods or an assistant. And that's where these photofilms really excel - it's still just me on the day - working in my normal, unobtrusive way...

The Full Story

I don't believe in half measures. My photofilms are the full story of your day. They start at the beginning and finish at the end. That does mean that they're 15 - 20 minutes long, but that's your full day not just a small portion of it.

I want you to be able to see and hear the excitement in the morning, the emotional vows, the rollercoaster of emotions that are the speeches and all the drunkeness at the end of the night!