Natural, Relaxed, Unposed Wedding Photography.

What I love most about my job is you... And your partner... And your friends & family, but you two are my favourites. For me, weddings are all about people and I think you'll get that when you see my photography.

I want you to have the most amazing day of your life, so relax, have fun and do what you want to do! It's your wedding — it's not a photoshoot, it's not a fashion show, it's not a portfolio building exercise or advertising opportunity for me... It's your wedding!

Everything you see on my website is 100% unposed, it's a moment that happened naturally during the course of a real wedding. No forced smiles, no awkward poses, just raw emotion and real memories. For me, that's what being a documentary wedding photographer is all about.

Do You Wanna go for a drink?

Sorry, is that too forward of me? I know you're engaged, it's OK though I'm married. Argh, that came out wrong. Hang on, what I'm trying to say is... I'm not a "salesman" I'm no good at selling. My wife is, she's awesome, but then she does it for a living. I take photos. So let's go for a drink (you can bring your partner too) and have a chat about photography and your wedding... I'll let you make the first move, but please don't keep me hanging on too long.

Wedding Photography in North Wales (and Everywhere Else).

Although I live in North Wales (and do photograph a lot of Welsh Weddings) I photograph weddings all over the England and Scotland too. Wherever you're getting married, I'd be happy to attend, and don't worry - travel is always included.