Weekend Wedding At Plas Dinam

Emotional Bride walking down the aisle

This is one of my favourite weddings from last year. It's a favourite for many reasons but the top three are:

The People.

The first reason is always going to be the people. For me, that's what wedding photography is all about. Sian & Will got in touch after a "glowing recommendation" from Nia & Joby (Will was an Usher at their wedding). So that's always a good start.

Plas Dinam is a couple of hours from me, so (although I had offered) I didn't meet Sian & Will until the day before their wedding. They had already seen how I worked — so weren't worried about that at all. I arrived to find Sian and a few helpers busy setting up the Stables ready for the wedding breakfast the next day. Sian greeted me with a warm welcome and a promise of beer and pizza later! Obviously, we got on straight away ;)

Will arrived shortly after me with beers in hand, but as he's 'a little on the shy side' it wasn't until much later that night that we actually spoke! I don't even think we spoke at Nia & Joby's wedding — he's that shy!

Whenever I think back to their wedding it always brings back warm fuzzy feelings. The morning was nice and relaxed, the ceremony, beautiful and intimate. The Wedding Breakfast was delicious and there were plenty of activities to keep the kids amused — and some of the grown-ups too. The speeches were perfect, a good length, genuine and funny! And the party was awesome — live music, plenty of drinking and plenty of dancing!

Plas Dinam.

Plas Dinam is a stunning place to get married. The house is large but homely. The gardens are well maintained with wild and secluded areas to explore. The stables are rustic and the glass roof provides the most beautiful diffused light. It's a proper DIY sort of place, you choose what services you want and who you want to do them. Plus, there's a pizza oven!


Ah, Anthemic! Now one of my favourite wedding bands. Dylan (Anthemic's frontman) played at Joby's wedding albeit, with a different band. They absolutely killed it that night, so when I saw Dylan arrive I knew it was going to be a good party. And I'm sure you'll agree when you see the photos below, they did not disappoint!

Plas Dinam Wedding Photography - The Day Before