Secret Proposal Photography – Cloud 23, Manchester.

Down on one knee in cloud 23

So, back in December 2015, I had an idea – Secret Proposal Photography! Everyone has a wedding photographer, but hardly anyone has photos of the actual moment they propose. Even back then, I knew I loved capturing genuine reactions and what better reaction is there than the one of someone who’s just been proposed to?

So I had the idea, I thought I could make it work, but I didn’t really know how to spread the word… So I put out a Facebook Ad explaining my idea and hoped for the best. Within days of the ad going live Darrell got in touch! His message was simple – “Evening, I need to chat about your proposal shoots. Please mail me tomorrow if I forget. I can’t speak tonight.”.

We had a chat and he explained the plans for the day… Manchester Christmas Markets then Cloud 23, where he was going to pop the question!

I met with the manager of Cloud 23 in the morning, then I headed down to the markets. I got into position and waited. And waited. And waited. We’d managed to get a few secret WhatsApp messages to each other, but I was beginning to think I’d missed them coming in… It was pretty busy.

But just then, a good head and shoulders above the crowd, Darrell appeared. Phew! I followed them around the markets, across the road for a drink, then headed off to Cloud 23 to be there for their arrival.

I positioned myself out of the way, and snapped them enjoying afternoon tea. Darrell & Alice got up to have a look at the view. I knew the question was coming. He dropped to one knee and asked Alice to marry him! The bar broke out into oohs, ahhhs and rounds of applause – it was pretty special.

I sent the photos to Darrell a day or so later and got this message:

“OH MY F*CK!NG GOD – I’m in bits mate. They are f*ck!ng awesome.”

couple in Manchester Christmas markets
Couple At Manchester Christmas Markets
Taking Selfies In the Slug & Lettuce
Cloud 23 Lift
Couple looking out of Cloud 23 window
Man asking woman to marry him, cloud 23 manchester
man proposing to woman at Cloud 23
Down on one knee in cloud 23
Woman says yes to man down on one knee, cloud 23
kissing after proposal

I originally posted this blog in December 2015, (back when I used to add a watermark to my images 🙈) and totally expected to be inundated with requests to photograph people proposing. But nothing happened. Then about a year later I got a proposal enquiry, but it fell through. So I kinda gave up on the idea. However, in March of 2019, something changed. I got a booking – an actual booking for a surprise proposal on Anglesey!

And it went well, really well! But I didn’t expect to get another one for another year 🙄. But I got one the very next month. By the end of 2019 I’d photographed 5 surprise marriage proposals! 😍 And already I have a few booked in for 2020 too!

So if you’re thinking of popping the question follow this link for more info about my Secret Proposal Photography!