Surprise Wedding Photography Proposal on Anglesey


A few months ago I got an email from Tom. He was going to propose to his girlfriend at the top of Mt Snowdon and wanted me to document their trip up the mountain and Naomi’s reaction – as a surprise.

I was super excited for 3 reasons. Number 1, I get to photograph the moment someone actually proposes – that’s super exciting.

Number 2, I haven’t been up Snowdon since I was a kid and keep meaning to find the time.

And number 3, at the time we were having unseasonably warm weather, if it would just stay like that, I knew I’d get some truly epic photos.

Anyway, fast forward to the day before the secret proposal and of course, it’s not just rain, it’s snow and persistent sub-zero temperatures on Snowdon’s summit.

So, after one or two sly messages we agreed on the new location – Llanddwyn Island, Anglesey. Tom’s plan was simple, “we’ll just walk until I pick a moment I guess!”. My job was to stalk them, without drawing too much attention to myself and be there at the crucial moment.

Sounds easy enough, but when it’s early March, chucking it down with rain and blowing a hoolie (as my Aunty Judi would say) Llanddwyn Island isn’t very busy. But I think I just about go away with it 😬

I’d like to say a massive congratulations and thank you to Tom, it was an absolute honour to follow you through the woods in the rain. I had a smile on my soaking wet face all the way home! 😍

Llanddwyn Island beach at high tide
Couple wandering through the woods in the rain
Couple having a romantic walk in the woods
Tall pine trees on Llanddwyn Island make for some great couple portraits.
couple having a romantic stroll through the woods,
Couple walk hand in hand through the woods, it's a secret that he's going to propose
Couple walking through the woods, the girlfriend has no idea her boyfriend is about to propose
Couple walking with their arms around each other
couple walking in the rain towards the beach on Llanddwyn Island
Beautiful tall trees
couple embrace each other at the top of the sand dunes at Llanddwyn Island
Couple kiss before he gets down on one knee
Boyfriend gets down on one knee and surprises his girlfriend by asking her to marry him
couple kissing after boyfriend proposes to his girlfriend
Couple super happy after surprise engagement.
Surprise proposal secretly photographed by Chris Morse wedding photography
Couple kiss after surprise marriage proposal while Chris Morse wedding photography hides in the trees
Just engaged couple look happy on Llanddwyn Island sand dunes...
newly engaged couple walk across Llanddwyn Island
Stormy seas at Llanddwyn Island
even in bad weather Llanddwyn Island is beautiful
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