Surprise Proposal Photography on the banks of Conwy River

girlfriend shocked at surprise proposal

How to Plan a Surprise Proposal

As far as Juss knew Leanne had entered them into a competition to win an “unposed portrait session“. But Leanne had a different plan! She was going to ask Juss to marry her on the banks of the river with Conwy Castle in the background, while I took photos 😍

Now, I’ve photographed quite a few proposals, but I’m normally doing my best to be inconspicuous. I don’t normally get the chance to have a chat with the couple along the way. Making small talk knowing Leanne was about to ask Juss one of the most important questions of their lifetime was pretty surreal, in a very good, exciting kind of a way.

I caught up with Leanne to find out a little more about how she planned her proposal and this is what she had to say!

A little about Leanne & Juss…

  1. How did you two first meet?
    So we actually met through social media, I sent Juss a message on Facebook, as she caught my eye like no other person ever has. We then arranged to meet for a drink and that’s where it all started…. 
  2. How did you know Juss was the one?
    Well, it can be reasonably hard to put a smile on my face and she manages to do it every day! She is the most kind, caring and thoughtful person ever. And of course incredibly beautiful, and I just knew I couldn’t live the rest of my life without her by my side.

    A couple of months ago she looked me deep in my eyes and told me how much she loved me. That’s when it came into my head I want to marry this girl! 
  3. Had you and Juss talked about getting married before?
    We have had a few passing comments to each other about never wanting to lose each other but never really had any hints dropped about a proposal or marriage. 

Planning the proposal…

How did you come up with the idea for your proposal?
I had so many ideas going through my head of how I wanted to propose but my main one was a photoshoot.

Juss had mentioned if she ever was to be proposed to she would want photos/videos of it. I knew I couldn’t do that if we were on our own somewhere for the proposal.

I then looked into it and found Chris and his natural photos of engagements and I knew this was 100% what I wanted to do. 

Did you tell anyone else about your plans or ask anyone for help?
Yes my parents knew and Juss’ mum & brother. And then for the day for some extra help, I asked my best friend Abbie & Juss’ best friend Jess to help me plan and make the day easy and smooth. 

What advice would you give to someone planning their proposal right now?
Relax & don’t stress – and let it flow on the day don’t make too many plans for how you want it to go, let it all fall into place as your doing it. 

Popping the question!

Ok, so briefly, what was the plan?
So the plan was to go for a walk along the path for some photos with Conwy Castle in the background for a couple photoshoot as we didn’t have any natural photos together. Then when I felt the time was right I was going to pop the question. 

Did you know what you were going to say?
The plan was for a photo of me holding the ring behind Juss’ back whisper a few things in her ear and then get down on one knee and ask her to marry me. 

Did it go to plan? Were there any last-minute improvisations?
The photo of me holding the ring behind her back went to plan, she then asked me “What do we do now?”, to which I replied “this is what we do now” and got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. It all fell into place perfectly and I couldn’t have imagined it any better. Her reaction made it 1000x better! 

How did you feel in the build-up to your proposal?
The build-up was nerve-racking. I can’t describe how nervous I was but excited at the same time. The whole day I had butterfly’s in my stomach and was very quiet; how she didn’t pick up on anything is beyond me.

Afterwards, I felt over the moon, incredibly happy and overwhelmed that I was now engaged to my happy ever after. 

What did you do / how did you celebrate afterwards?
As coronavirus is still looming over us all, I had a small distanced gathering at mine with close friends with Prosecco & food. Once things are back to normal we will be having a party to celebrate with everyone. 

Now, about that ring…

Where did you buy the ring?
The Diamond Store

How did you go about choosing the ring?
I looked through loads of different rings and I liked them but I didn’t go yes I want that one. So I went onto a website that let me pick a few different elements of rings I liked and ended up with the exact one I wanted. 

How long did you have the ring before you proposed?
I had the ring for about 6 weeks before the proposal, trying to hide it as well as moving house was a mission on its own. As well as keeping it a secret and looking at it all the time without her catching me! 

And finally…

How many people have asked you if you’ve set a date yet? 🙄😂
I couldn’t tell you there has been a good few 😂 

We are currently deciding on a date & I can’t wait to marry the woman of my dreams, my perfection who brightens my day up every morning ❤️ Have never loved someone like I love her! 

Congratulations Leanne & Juss

I’d like to say a massive thank you to Leanne for choosing me to photograph your surprise proposal – I had an awesome time hanging out with you all 😍

And of course, if you’re planning on asking your partner to marry you – check out my surprise proposal photography first, yeah?