Surprise Proposal on Cadair Idris, Snowdonia

Ellen & Erin’s Snowdonia Proposal Story

Cadair Idris (or Cader Idris is it’s known locally) is Snowdon’s southern twin. There are a few different routes up, but The Minfordd Path is generally regarded as one of the best and it’s easily accessible from Dôl Idris Car Park which is where this proposal story starts – in the car park at the bottom of Cadair Idris…

Ellen contacted me a few weeks before asking about my Secret Proposal Photography, she explained they were heading up the mountain and she planned to propose to her girlfriend either at the top or on the shores of Llyn Cau – a glacial lake 350 meters up the mountain surrounded by 400-meter high mountain walls.

Luckily for me, Ellen chose the lake because I am not quite as fit as I thought I was! But I loved every minute of it and as soon as I stop aching, I’d happily do it all over again ?

As far as Erin knew, they were just having a weekend away. She had no idea what Ellen had planned, or that I was there to secretly photograph them. In fact, they walked right past me a couple of time, at one point we even exchanged niceties while I was catching my breath ?

Once at the lake I knew it was go time. I kept my distance but was on high alert. As soon as Ellen had popped the question, I knew I could get a little closer to ensure I got the moment. It was such a perfect proposal, the views were absolutely stunning, there was no-one else around and she said YES! ?

Massive congratulations to Ellen & Erin. And a special thank you to Ellen for involving me in your proposal story!

Secret Proposal Photography

Planning on popping the question?

Surprise proposals are quickly becoming one of my favourite things to photograph. They’re exciting, unique and incredibly personal. It’s a story that you’ll remember for the rest of your life, and one that will get told many times over – so for me to be a part of that is really cool. So follow this link and get in touch. ?