Small Intimate “Lockdown” Wedding in Wales

Lynne & John had always planned to have a small, intimate wedding in North Wales. Then, COVID-19 came along and for a while, we weren’t sure if they were going to be able to get married at all! However, it all worked out rather well in the end.

I caught up with them after their wedding to find out a little more about them and how they planned their wedding…

We met at work 13 years ago, we were both support workers for a substance misuse charity. We got together 8 years ago and have lived together since.

We are in different roles now but both share a love for mountains especially those in Wales where we try and spend our spare time walking and climbing.”

“We decided last October that we were going to get married and the whole wedding took us about… 2 weeks to arrange. You could say I’m impulsive (John does often) but I knew what we wanted and that made it so much easier.

The plan was always for a small intimate wedding so COVID didn’t affect it much, the only difference was that we couldn’t have it in the church that we originally wanted.”

I was curious if they would have done anything differently, knowing what they know now…

“No, we wouldn’t have changed a thing, it was perfect. A wonderful 3 days for everyone. It was better than we expected. The feedback made it clear that everyone felt the same. Because of COVID, I think it made it even more special that we could come and take a break together.”

And I completely agree. Their day was perfect. Everybody was relaxed, happy really welcoming – I was made to feel like one of the family.

Planning a wedding, no matter how small in 2 weeks is impressive, so how did they do it?

Wedding Planning Advice

How did you choose your wedding venue?
“We didn’t visit any venues including the one we chose, we looked online at about 4. As we were travelling to Wales, I wanted somewhere we could stay over and all be together that felt informal. The house was perfect for all our needs, it was remote, slept 30 and the facilities were excellent.” 

What advice would you give to couples looking for a wedding venue?
“I think it’s just all about catering for your needs.”

What advice would you give to couples looking for a wedding photographer?
“I’d check the portfolios and think about what styles you want. We chose Chris because we wanted everything to be very relaxed rather than having to be posing for pictures, Chris’ style was perfect for this!”

What was the best thing you spent money on for your wedding?
“When you put the word wedding in front of anything the cost goes through the roof. We booked everything separately, but because it turned out to be such a wonderful 3 days, we would say that it was worth every penny.”

Would you like to give a shout out to anyone in particular?
“What can I say, Chris, time to blow your trumpet. The photographs were absolutely amazing, everybody has commented on photos, it was a lovely documentary of our special day from the morning right through till early evening. You encapsulated the day perfectly.”

Lynne & Johns Wedding Story

How did you start your day?
“We started the day at 7 am when we both got up and made bacon butties for everyone, then John went and got ready on his own. I got ready in the ensuite with my mum and sister with family in and out all morning. It was so relaxed and so lovely.”

Lynne – How did you feel walking down the aisle, seeing John for the first time?
“This is gonna sound cheesy! But, that whole morning I was just overwhelmed with love for John and for the whole family. The beauty of a small and intimate wedding.” 

And what about you John?
“I was absolutely wowed I thought she looked stunning. Although she kind of described the dress I knew the style she would go for and she looked beautiful. The smile on her face was so full of joy, warmth and beauty! Stunning, stunning, stunning!!!”

Was there any part of the day you were particularly nervous about?
“About two weeks before the wedding we both had moments of nerves but on the day we both felt so at ease it just felt so right. We felt no pressure and I can’t tell you how relaxed we both were. I think the nature of the wedding helped. A very small wedding with people that meant the world to us.”

Did you or John plan any surprise for each other? If so, please tell me more!
“Our plans were for all of us to travel to the church on a big red London bus. Me on the lower deck and John on the upper. John surprised me by getting a white vintage Beauford to take me to the church. It was such a beautiful surprise.”

What was your favourite part of your day? What’s your standout memory of the day?
“From the Friday to the Monday it was full of stand out moment from the guests arriving, the journey on the bus/car at the church, at the house,  finished with a lovely sunny day on Barmouth beach. It was filled with magical memories we will forever treasure. Lynne walking down the aisle in a stunning dress and wearing a beautiful smile.”

“Don’t get wrapped up in the planning, think about your personality and what suits you, make it individual and uniquely yours.”

Lynne & John

Venue: The Big House By The Sea
Transport: Routemaster Bus / Bespoked Wedding Cars

Wedding Planning Q&A

I’d like to say a special thank you to Lynne & John. Not only for choosing me to photograph your wedding, or for treating me like family from the moment we first met, but also for taking the time to share your story with us.

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