Back Garden Family Photography (Jen, Rob + Kids)

I introduced unposed family photography back last year, but it’s always taken a bit of a backseat compared to wedding photography. However, just like with everything else, lockdown changed that.

So, since the lockdown restrictions have started to ease in North Wales, I’ve been pretty busy photographing families in the woods, on the beach, up hills, or in their back gardens – like this one…

unposed portrait photography in a families back garden during lockdown.

The original plan was a family photography session on West Shore Beach, Llandudno, but the location was changed at the last minute. As Rob said, “We’ve spent the last 3 months living in this garden, so we might as well have some photos in it!” And I couldn’t agree more.

These photos provide a proper snapshot of “lockdown life”. Plus their garden is amazing! It’s literally crammed full of things to bounce on, swing on, throw balls at or climb up 😍. I had total garden envy!

Family Photography for Families with Character

My family photography isn’t about getting everyone dressed up and all smiling at the camera on a white background. If anything, it’s the complete opposite.

I want to take photographs that show your family exactly as they are. The sort of photographs that capture the essence of you as a family, the chaos, the messy faces and scuffed knees. The sleepy cuddles, the tickle fights and uncontrollable belly laughs.

So if that sounds like the sort of thing you and your rabble would be up for, follow this link and get in touch.