Anglesey Airbnb & Village Hall Wedding

I’m so in love with this one! Massive congratulations to Sophie & James who although technically got married last Thursday, had their wedding on Saturday. And it was absolutely gorgeous.

Wedding Ceremony at Anglesey Airbnb

Having already got married meant that Sophie & James could have their wedding without the restrictions of pesky things like the law or religion getting in their way.  

For me, weddings are personal, fun, unique, exciting and oh-so-happy!

So when I found out that they were having their very close friend Flo perform the ceremony, I was well happy.

Flo was instrumental Sophie & James meeting for the first time so their ceremony is incredibly personal. Flo introduced herself and retold stories about how she knew both Sophie & James. Then everyone had a sing-a-long. The sound of 100 people singing “all you need is love” in the sunshine is a pretty awesome thing. They had readings and another sing-song. Then they exchanged simple modern-day vows (no honouring with thy body) and headed down the aisle to whoops, cheers and shouts of congratulations.  

After the ceremony, a glass of champagne and a few group photos Sophie & James led their friends and family down the road to the village hall to continue the celebrations.

Rhoscolyn Village Hall Reception

If I was to pick out one detail that summed up Sophie & James’ wedding it would be the picture-with-holes-to-put-your-face-in. I don’t think I have the words to describe their day properly, but it was unique, fun, spontaneous, full of energy, exciting and really, really happy!

A guitarist played in the background while everyone drank, laughed, gobbled down canapes and stuck their faces through the holes in the picture-with-holes-to-put-your-face-in to have their photographs taken before heading into the marquee for the speeches…

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