Broadoaks Country House Wedding Photography – Chris & Luke

Chris & Luke got married at Broadoaks County House Hotel, a luxury wedding venue in Windermere.  This was my first wedding in the Lake District but I have been for weekends away quite a few times before, and it’s rained. Every. Single. Time.  Even in July.  So when Chris & Luke said they were getting married in November I was expecting the worst.  However, my lucky umbrellas worked a charm – as you can it was a glorious day!

There was a really good vibe to the morning, the hustle and bustle in “The Retreat” where all the girls were getting ready contrasted perfectly with the calmness of Chris & Luke getting ready.  Outside friends and family gathered, taking in the beautiful views and a cheeky pint.

As soon as the entrance music started playing, Chris was overcome with

emotions and needed a moment to settle down.  It’s always such an honour to be chosen to document someone’s wedding, but it’s moments like this that really brings the importance of my job home.  Chris & Luke’s wedding was an emotional one, but a really fun one too.  It was clear to me how much Chris & Luke meant to everyone there.

What Chris & Luke had to Say

If you would recommend me, what would you say?
A fantastic service with someone who listened to what we wanted and did exactly that, it felt like a friend taking our photos.

My aim is to be as unobtrusive as possible. Do you think I achieved that? If not, please say why.
Yes, everyone in our families have commented how lovely it was to have a photographer that wasn’t telling us what to do, apart from the few group photos we asked for, the rest was free for all.

Now you’re married, what advice would you give to other engaged couples?
My advice would be to take time on the day, we were so lucky to have such an amazing family and team at the venue, that we actually got to sit down 4-5 times and just enjoy the day.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Chris you’ve been brilliant and we couldn’t recommend you more.  We were so nervous about finding a photographer but we were so right booking you and have already recommended you to all of our friends who are getting Married in the near future.

Favourite Images

My favourite image is probably the one of Chris & Luke kissing on the dance floor…  I feel like I’ve captured a really special moment, Chris & Luke are clearly in their own little world with a dance floor of people around them.  I love it.

Which is your favourite photo of the day and why? You can choose more than one if you like.
My personal favourite (Luke) is the photo of Chris & me with Jacob looking up at me, as it just melts my heart. Chris’ favourite is the one where me and Chris are walking out of the marriage room.

Broadoaks Country House Wedding Photography

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