All Day Wedding Photography Coverage

When it comes to wedding photography packages or collections, I like to keep things simple but realise that all weddings and indeed all couples are different. So here's a quick round up of the customisable options:

10 Hours / All Day / Weekend Wedding Coverage

You can choose between 10 Hours of photography coverage, All Day or Weekend Coverage. All Day means from the start or your morning preparations until the band play their last song normally around midnight. Weekend coverage is for the ultimate wedding celebrations, so get in touch and tell me what you're planning!

A Silent Wedding Movie - Raw, Dirty & Uncut.

Choose to include a unique silent, black & white, stop-motion movie of your wedding day. Approximately 10 minutes long, created from the thousands of photographs I take during your wedding. Read more...

And these are the things that are always included:

All Images - Print & Web Quality

I’ll give you every image that meets my high standard, there’s no limit to how many I deliver. Normally over 400 in both High Resolution suitable for printing and Low Resolution suitable for emailing and web use.

Printing & Sharing Rights

I don't add my logo or watermarks to any of my images. You're free to share, make prints, albums, copies or even get a mouse mat printed if you're into that sort of thing 😉

Private Gallery

A password protected online gallery of all your images in Print & Web Quality. For you to view, share and download your images with anyone you like.

A handful of Polaroids

Using my original Polaroid Spectra instant camera I'll capture a few key moments throughout your wedding day, and give you the polaroids before I say goodbye.

Travel & Accommodation Costs

There are no hidden costs. No nasty little surprises.

Please contact me today to check availablity for your date.

Wedding Albums

I'm a huge fan of wedding albums. And I'd like to share why I think wedding albums are so important with you...

An album is an investment.

It's one of the only things that will last more than a lifetime from your wedding day. You can share your wedding day stories with your children and grandchildren... I photographed a wedding recently where the Mother of the Bride had brought her wedding album, to look at with her daughter, on the morning of her wedding - how lovely is that?!

An album is tangible.

There's something really special and exciting about turning a physical page. A professionally printed album really is a thing of beauty.

Easy to relive memories.

We keep our album under the sofa, whenever the conversation turns to our wedding, we whip it out. You're unlikely to fire-up the laptop and find the folder that contains all 350+ images, then look through them all.

Technology changes.

Headphone ports are disappearing, USB is on it's way out soon to be replaced by Thunderbolt & USB-C connections. An album is future proof.

Hard drives fail.

Hard drives are temperamental things, loosing your music collection is bad enough - let alone your wedding photos. But a professional album with archival inks will last a lot longer than any hard drive. I take back-ups very seriously - see this FAQ should the worst have happened.

Fine Art Albums - Handmade In The UK

Folio Albums - Handmade from start to finish in Yorkshire, leather or fabric covers, fine art paper, lay-flat pages and archival inks from a company with fantastic eco credentials.

Personalised embossed geniune leather wedding album
Fine art wedding album, with lay-flat pages
Fine art wedding album, handmade in the UK
Silk Cover Fine Art Album
Silk Cover Fine Art Album
Fine art wedding album, lay-flat pages

Personalised USB Presentation Box

If you'd like something physical to keep your images on then this little USB drive is big enough to hold all your images (in print & web quality) along with your Silent Wedding Movie and enough space for you to add your guest images too. It comes in a presentation box personalised with your name, date and wedding venue. So all in all it makes quite a nice little keepsake.
Personalised USB Memory Stick Presentation Box
Personalised USB Memory Stick Presentation Box
Personalised USB Memory Stick Presentation Box

Proposal Photography

My aim when photographing your wedding is to tell the story of your day, so why not start that story at the beginning? My photography style revolves around me being unobtrusive. I blend into the background and photograph your day in a natural and relaxed fashion, without drawing attention to myself. This approach is perfect for secret wedding proposal photography too.

The idea behind secret proposal photography is to document something special that's often not documented. Just about everyone has a wedding photographer these days and more and more people are having engagement shoots. But what about capturing the moment they say "yes", as well as the moment they say "I do"?

Just like weddings, every proposal is different. Generally though there are two main approaches - stealth and misdirection. The stealth approach relies on me being in on your proposal plans. I'll need to know the time and place that you're going to 'pop the question' - obviously without your partners knowledge! I'll be in position nice and early, and depending on location shoot from a distance or blend into the crowd. The second approach is to use misdirection... You 'win' a 'free portrait session' and during that session you can make your surprise proposal while I'm in prime shooting position.

So, if you're planning your proposal why not get in touch - I'd love to be there to capture the moment they say YES!

North Wales Secret Proposal Photographer
Secret Proposal Photographers In North Wales
Proposal Photography In North Wales

What Next?

I'm guessing as you're on my packages page, you've already seen my style and like my portfolio. So, it's probably time to get in touch!

Of course, if you need a little more convincing or you haven't had enough of me waffling on yet - feel free to get to know me a bit better.