Silent Wedding Movies

These silent, black & white, stop-motion, wedding movies are created from the thousands of photographs I take in a day. My photography is all about telling the story of your wedding and these stop-motion movies are an extension of that idea.

I tend to sum up my photography style in three words, "Natural, Relaxed & Unposed". My Silent Wedding Movies are "Raw, Dirty & Uncut".

RAW - because they're pretty rough around the edges. To edit each image individually (like I do with my photographs) would take months, so I have to batch process all images exactly the same.

DIRTY - because they're a bit of a by-product. My photography always comes first, my aim will always be to tell your story through individual images. These movies are a little bit like getting scraps from the chippy. They're also a perfect example of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. With just a little bit of love and attention the images that I would normally cull and delete get given a chance to shine - even if it's only for a split second.

UNCUT - because there will be over exposed shots; there will be blurry shots; there will be photos of my feet. Yeah that's right... I make mistakes, I am only human after all.

Silent Wedding Movie - Trailer

I appreciate to watch a 10 minute movie of a stranger's wedding is probably a bit full on, and maybe a bit too stalkerish. So, I've made this handy little trailer. It's under 2 minutes long and should give you a good idea of what you can expect...

Silent Wedding Movie - Full Movie

If however, you've got time to kill, here's another example. This is the full movie from Em & Dom's wedding, in all it's raw, dirty and uncut glory. Grab a cuppa, some Chocolate Hobnobs and get comfy because it's 12 minutes long... If you'd like to see what the photos look like, check out my this blog post - Oddfellows Chester Wedding Photography

Want To Know More?

My Silent Wedding Movies are included as standard in my all day photography package, along with everything else you'd expect and a few things you might not. Follow this link to see what you get.