It’s not what someone does, it’s why they do it...

A wise man once said "it’s not what someone does, it’s why they do it that really matters - and that’s what you should judge them on". So, why did I become a wedding photographer? I became a wedding photographer to document one of the happiest days of your life, to record the memories that unfortunately will fade once the confetti, cake & champagne have all gone. I became a wedding photographer to keep those memories alive, so that you can relive and share them for the rest of your life…

My style is based around a documentary approach to wedding photography. It’s about preserving your day in history not manufacturing memories. I'm all about photographing the natural moments, the genuine emotion and the real you. I want to capture the time that your partner made you laugh so hard you nearly spat your drink out - not the time you stood holding smoke grenades... at sunset... with a blank look on your face... 😉

I once walked into a Bride’s dressing room on the morning of her wedding, she was sat on the bed looking through her parents wedding album with her Mum. That was one of the first weddings I ever shot and that image has stayed with me ever since. It’s moments like that, that I aim to capture with my photography. Being able to give that gift to people is really special and means a lot to me. A wedding is a very personal day and being chosen to photograph it is an incredible compliment. By choosing me, you're not only saying "we love your work" you're also saying "we trust you". And that's not something I take lightly.

Who Am I anyway?

There are a lot of Wedding Photographers in the UK, heck there are a lot of Wedding Photographers in North Wales. So how do you chose the right one for you? It’s easy to compare packages & prices but that’s only half the decision. If you like their style you need to make sure you like them too! You’re going to be spending a large chunk of your day in their company. I think it’s really important to meet your photographer (or at least talk to them) before booking them, that way you can get a good idea of who they are and if they’re a good fit for you.

I always like to meet up have a drink and a bit of chat - some call it a consultation, but that’s far too formal. It’s really just an opportunity for us to get to know each other a bit better, sure we’ll talk wedding photography but it’s also about breaking the ice. You can't really get a feel for what someone’s like over the internet - so an informal chat is a really good way to do that. Having said that, here are a few things I like: Homeland & Fargo, Breaking Bad & The Wire, Jimmy Carr & Stewart Lee, Louis C.K & Tom Stade, Arctic Monkeys & Jamie T, QOTSA & Kasabian… If you like anything there chances are we’ll get on just fine. And if you don’t, well I’m still a nice guy so don’t rule me out just because you have bad taste in T.V, comedians & music 😉

my fridge door

Doing The Right Thing

Perhaps it's since my daughter was born, or maybe it's being part of such an emotional day for a living, but I'm definitely getting softer in my old age (33). I've found myself becoming a lot more consious about the decisions I make during day to day life. I've run a NHS Discount offer since I started wedding photography, but I've decied that I'd like to do a little more. So I now donate 2% of my turnover to charity. 1% is going to Dorothy House, a hospice near my hometown that provided exceptional care for my Grandma recently. The other 1% is up to you. There's a space on the booking form for you to name the charity you'd like me to donate to. 1% doesn't sound like much, but over time all those little payments will add up.

I don't produce printed marketing materials, all booking forms & contracts are completed online, the album company I use have outsanding 'green' credentials and only use paper from sustainable sources. Basically, I've always been a nice guy but I'm trying a little harder now.

#MorseOnDuty / #MorseOffDuty

I don’t do Twitter - I don’t get it. But I do do Facebook, so feel free to have a snoop around on my Facebook Page. Also, if you're an Instagram user and like weddings, food, drink, and a random kid you don't know doing stuff, you should follow me and see what I get up to on & off duty.

What Next?

If you haven't already take a look at my style and my portfolio pages. Seen those already? Then I'd love to hear all about your wedding plans, so why not email me and lets have a drink?