What a perfect day Sunday turned out to be! 😍 Alex first got in touch a few weeks ago asking about my Surprise Proposal Photography. After a few emails we had agreed a time and place, the route he would take around the Botanical Gardens and the rough spot he planned to ask Safina to marry him. He even went to the gardens earlier that week to check it out.

However, Sunday's sunshine arrived a day early, fortunately for my Anglesey Wedding 😉 but not so much for Alex! We decided to go with it and hope the rain held off…

I arrived before Alex & Safina and waited for them to pass me on the tree-lined path. I then subtly followed them around the park, occasionally taking the lead and stopping to photograph the trees or flowers or puddles 😉

Eventually, we ended up at The Rockery in Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens. This was the spot. Things were about to get real now…

As you can see from the photos, Safina was very surprised but totally over the moon too! 😁

Alex, thank you for choosing me to photograph your proposal and massive congratulations to you both!

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surprise proposal on Llanddwyn Island, Anglesey, North Wales

Newly engaged couple kissing

This is a marriage proposal story that's fit for Hollywood! Craig contacted me a while ago asking about my surprise proposal photography. He explained that he planned to fly from America, to ask his girlfriend to marry him on Llanddwyn Island (Ynys Llanddwyn). The whole thing was a surprise and he wanted me to secretly photograph the moment he asked Megan to marry him. Obviously, I was well up for it.

I know Llanddwyn Island & Newborough Beach pretty well now, as I've already photographed one wedding and another proposal there - although the last one was much wetter! I sent a few location suggestions to Craig and we discussed tactics. We agreed to meet in the car park, then go for a wander to choose the perfect spot.

Megan's parents were in on it too, they were going to be in charge of getting Megan to the right place at the right time. I had assumed that Megan was Welsh and over here visiting her parents, but I was wrong. Craig was flying halfway around the world to surprise his girlfriend with a ring, while she was on holiday, with her parents! This was going to be a holiday to remember.

I'd joked in my initial reply that his proposal was like something out of a movie. But the level of planning and organisation really does make this worthy of the big screen. Especially as Craig was going to be spending the next week travelling around Wales & Ireland with them too.

Once Craig had chosen the perfect spot all we had to do was wait... For almost 2 hours we waited. And it was worth every minute of it.

Megan's face says it all when she first sees Craig and her reaction after the proposal is priceless. She was still shaking 10 minutes later!

Craig was hoping to have the lighthouse to himself, however, that wasn't to be. Although I think a few cheers, claps and shouts of congratulations from strangers made it even more special.

Once everyone had calmed down a bit, we wandered back along the opposite side of the island and down the beach. I gave them some space to process everything while I took a few wide shots of Llanddwyn Island for their holiday album.

I'd like to say a massive thank you to Craig for inviting me to photograph his proposal - it's a real honour to be involved in such a personal and momentous occasion!

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boyfriend gets down on one knee and asks his girlfriend to marry him

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A few months ago I got an email from Tom. He was going to propose to his girlfriend at the top of Mt Snowdon and wanted me to document their trip up the mountain and Naomi's reaction – as a surprise.

I was super excited for 3 reasons. Number 1, I get to photograph the moment someone actually proposes – that's super exciting.

Number 2, I haven't been up Snowdon since I was a kid and keep meaning to find the time.

And number 3, at the time we were having unseasonably warm weather, if it would just stay like that, I knew I'd get some truly epic photos.

Anyway, fast forward to the day before the secret proposal and of course, it's not just rain, it's snow and persistent sub-zero temperatures on Snowdon's summit.

So, after one or two sly messages we agreed on the new location – Llanddwyn Island, Anglesey. Tom's plan was simple, "we'll just walk until I pick a moment I guess!". My job was to stalk them, without drawing too much attention to myself and be there at the crucial moment.

Sounds easy enough, but when it's early March, chucking it down with rain and blowing a hoolie (as my Aunty Judi would say) Llanddwyn Island isn't very busy. But I think I just about go away with it 😬

I'd like to say a massive congratulations and thank you to Tom, it was an absolute honour to follow you through the woods in the rain. I had a smile on my soaking wet face all the way home! 😍

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