Warehouses, Swimming Pools & The Odd Balls!

Now, this is where it gets really interesting! A lot of places host wedding receptions, and even if they don’t doesn’t mean that they won’t. Some could be right on your doorstep and you have no idea…

Mel & Mark got married at Victoria Baths – a Victorian swimming pool in Manchester. Mark had been to their annual beer festival for a few years running but had no idea that it was also a wedding venue. It wasn’t until he was at the beer festival, and they had been struggling to find somewhere to get married that he thought “I’ll just ask and see”. Turns out they did so went for a proper meeting and they found their perfect place.

Featured Venue – Victoria Warehouse

Jade & Karla got married at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester back in 2018, however it’s still one of my favourite weddings ever. And it fits this guide perfectly, because they broke a few traditions along the way… I asked a few questions about how they chose Victoria Warehouse and planned their wedding…

“It was important to us that the wedding had a very personal feel, and reflected who we were as a couple. We decided to keep it fairly small and only invited people who we had strong relationships or memories with (this caused a bit of controversy at times but it was worth it. We had Karla’s dad walk us both down the aisle, one on either arm – he’s always been present and supportive throughout our relationship. My sister was my ‘side girl’ and our best friend, Adam, was our ‘side guy’. We had no top table, and we didn’t really follow an agenda – we just danced and laughed and celebrated.”

Read more about Jade & Karla’s wedding – Non-Traditional Victoria Warehouse Wedding

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